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 ooc: Preparing Boons for play on Saturday

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ooc: Preparing Boons for play on Saturday Empty
PostSubject: ooc: Preparing Boons for play on Saturday   ooc: Preparing Boons for play on Saturday Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 8:34 am


Okay gang, I have the boon book which has listed every boon registered with Harrison. If you own boons that you would like to lay down on the gaming tables or give to the Prince as a gift, please let me know in advance. I will print out a card that verifies the boon is genuine in game.

If you want to have boons of your own as well, I can prepare those. Just tell me what you want.


Tommy Toreador owns three boons he wants to bring:
from Gomer Gangrel a trivial boon
from Thudwick Tremere a trivial boon
from Neddy Nosferatu a minor boon

And Tommy Toreador would like 3 trivial boons and a minor boon of his own prepared just in case.

I will print out the cards and have them in an envelope with your character's name on them. I will have blank cards to fill in names at the game, but playing the Harpy and the host both is going to keep me very busy so doing it in advance will make the game more fun for us all.

At the end of the night I will collect all the cards and add them to the book. Because this can potentially be a paperwork nightmare for me, I am saying that for the night I am only going to accept boons that are written on cards. Boon cards will be the property of the character who possesses it. However, when they are turned in, the name at the bottom will be the registered owner. So DON'T forget to sign your boon cards with your character's name!

Any boon gained during the night must be turned in this way. I will not later accept emails saying you won a boon. My character (i.e. really the player) doesn't have the time to try to sort through the ten hands the boon might have passed through and pick everyone's faulty memory.

A little ooc cooperation will make the IC game go a lot smoother and make my life a lot easier.

If you want to help with the party, see this thread: http://darkreign.forumotion.com/vampire-ooc-f1/party-planning-t420.htm

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ooc: Preparing Boons for play on Saturday
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