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 ST Ethics and Guidlines

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PostSubject: ST Ethics and Guidlines   ST Ethics and Guidlines Icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2007 1:04 pm


I wanted you guys to get a peek at the guidelines and ethics by which the Dark Reign staff operates. This is all stuff that we’ve talked about at our meetings, and I just wanted to codify and have on paper to keep us honest.

Dark Reign Storyteller Guidelines and Ethics:

1. Being a storyteller is a customer service volunteer position. All storytellers should be respectful and courteous. Our job is to provide a background and a world where players can create a story. Our job is not to screw players or win. We win when the game provides excellent and memorable stories.

2. All plots must have a formal plotkit that has been reviewed by the ST Council. All plotkits and NPC sheets must be filed in the ST Box. Plots belong to the game, not to a single ST. If an ST is busy running another plot or otherwise occupied, another ST can and should step in. Story and customer service always trumps ego.

3. If there is a conflict of interest in a scene, for any reason, find another storyteller. It is better to remove doubt than let it fester.

4. STs are human and thereby can make mistakes. STs shouldn’t be afraid to admit that. Our games should be good enough that we don’t have to pretend to be the wizard of Oz. Players are encouraged to be forgiving.

5. Characters are a piece of paper. Our players are adults that are not made of glass. Legendary stories are forever. Don’t be afraid to let the stories happen. Players want consequences. Players want to play in a World of Darkness.

6. There will be no ST darlings. We will love all of our players equally and all shall receive that special ST love according to their measure and desires. Gravity will always work the same no matter who is in the scene. The level playing field is the greatest gift we can give our players to help them create the story.

7. When in doubt, ask your other Storytellers. None of us know everything, even the HST. Sometimes, especially the HST. Just ask his wife.

8. Make an effort to ask the players for feedback and see how they are doing. Some players are shy. Find mentors for the new players.

9. STs are not the stars of the show. Not every moment needs to be filled with a plot. It really is ok if the players are paying attention to each other and not you.

10. While this is a customer service volunteer position. You are not on call 24 hours a day. You shall have a life, and yea it shall be good.
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PostSubject: Re: ST Ethics and Guidlines   ST Ethics and Guidlines Icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2007 7:17 pm


And the Lord did spaek, brnging good rulings and wisdom from many a LARP game gone horribly awry, to provide the flock with quality entertainment for those brave enough to seek it.


~Sean the Bastard
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ST Ethics and Guidlines
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